Berlin S-Bahn

Berlin Germany Tourist Information and Travel Guide

Commuter trains in Berlin are called S-Bahns (fast trains).  They typically operate at or above grade.

Each S-Bahn line is assigned an identifier that include the letter "S" followed by a number (e.g. S1, S2).  There are approximately 16 lines in total.

Five of the S-Bahn lines follow the same route through the city centre (i.e. from Westkruz Station to Ostkreuz Station).

S-Bahn Train, Berlin Germany
S-Bahn Train, Berlin Germany

Although the Berlin S-Bahn system is run by a separate company from the one that operates the main transit system, passengers can use the same ticket.

Please visit the official S-Bahn website for current information regarding routes, maps, tickets and fares.

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