Berlin Germany

Berlin Germany Travel Guide

Berlin Germany Tourist Information and Travel Guide

Berlin Germany is a city with a number of world-famous landmarks including Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Berlin TV Tower.

Other top tourist attractions include  beautiful cathedrals and the picturesque Spree River.  Museum lovers will enjoy the Old National Gallery or the Pergamon Museum. History buffs will adore the History Museum or the Altes Museum.
Berlin Germany
Berlin Germany Visitors to Berlin can learn about the many world-altering events that occurred here.  Visit Bebelplatz, where Hitler had his first "book burn" or learn about Nazism at the Jewish Museum.

Take a stroll through the former East Berlin section of the city (DDR) or learn about the Berlin Wall at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.
If shopping is your thing, the Kurfurstendamm is the place to go.

Whether you require budget accommodation or five-star elegance, there are plenty of great hotels throughout Berlin.

Berlin has an excellent transportation system including efficient public transit. It is also a major European rail and airline hub and is served by many of the low-cost airlines.